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Parineeti Realse Date:

Parineeti, meaning Destiny, is a Hindi television show that started on 14 February 2022 on Colors TV. 

Parineeti Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

Parineeti serial is additionally popular because of the solid acting of its cost in this serial you’ll be able see different performing artists of Indian like Tanvi Dogra playing the part of Neetii Juneja, who was the most excellent companion of Parineet and the moment spouse of Rajeev.

Parineeti Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The wedding begins in the Parineeti serial from here. Pari is bolted within the room. She shouts to offer assistance. Neeti and Sanju take the rounds. Sanju doesn’t know it’s Neeti beneath the cloak. Sanju says, ” Pari, I wish you’ll excuse me for all I did. Pandit ji says you may continuously regard your spouse and be there by her side. Neeti falls. the cloak falls. Everyone sees her back. Sanju is stunned. He sees her back. The haven gets smokey.

Neeti tries to cover her confrontation but her chair falls. Neeti tries to stow away her confrontation. Pami picks up the chunri and says Pari cautiously. Neeti is frightened. Pari thumps on the entryway and says to somebody if you don’t mind opening the entryway. Pari keeps attempting. Somebody opened the door. Pari comes out. She said I need to go to the pooja. Pari wears the chunri. Pami makes Neeti wear the chunri. Gurinder sees her pro within the reflection. She’s frightened to realize it’s Neeti. Pami strolls towards Neeti. Gurinder takes the chunri and makes her wear the chunri. She says your dress got grimy. Let me take you in.

Monty and Babli battle. He says you collided with me and broke my nose. Chandrika says to Amit so much is cleared out to do. He says I had a client call. She says no doubt no other young lady would converse with you. Chandrika realises she cleared out Pari within the room. Chandrika says the one with Sanju wasn’t Paari. When I took Pari to the room. Her dress was different. I don’t know what happened. Neeti must have arranged something. I think Neeti was in mandap.

Pari comes to the Mandap. Pami comes and says you had this suit for a moment choice? Babli says I didn’t just like the one you were wearing in Pari kirma. She says what? I didn’t do parikrama. Everybody is stunned. Salojna says Gurinder knows it was Neeti. I’ve to do something. Neeti says to Gurinder are you upbeat presently? Gyurirnder says I always took your side and you’re insulting me. Neeti says don’t act this incredible before me. Your’e not my MIL any longer. Gurinder says it’s you who can’t get it anything. You wanna demolish your life yourself. Control your words. You have ruined your life with it. Salojna comes there. She says why are we harming her? She’s enduring so much. Pari is there within the mandap. Neeti says what? I’ve to halt this.

Parineeti Upcoming Story Twist:

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