Udaariyaan Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and Written Updates

Udaariyaan Realsed Date:

On March 15, 2021, Colors TV hosted the premiere of the well-liked Indian romantic television series Udaariyaan. The unique plot and outstanding performances by the cast made this serial a huge hit with viewers. Prominent Indian celebrities such as Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary are the stars of this show. The creator and director of this serial is Uttam Ahlawat

Udaariyaan Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

This series showcases several Indian shining stars, who capture attention from viewers due to their captivating performances. As you can see, Ankit Gupta—who frequently appears in Indian serials—played Fateh, while Priyanka Chahar Choudhary portrayed Tejo, the main character. The role of Jasmine was played by Twinkle Arora. Many more celebrities might be involved, such as Sunny Arora, Alisha Parveen, Anuraj Chahal, and many others.

Udaariyaan Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the Udaariyaan series begins with the lives of three best friends, two of whom were sisters. Jasmine Tejo along with Fateh, their acquaintance. Fateh was a hardworking young guy who wanted to use his ambitions to help and improve the quality of life for his family. Either way, Jasmine wanted to travel to Canada, her lifelong dream. Teo, on the other hand, wanted her family to be happy and supported. Jasmine finds Fateh attractive, and their families are on board with their union. Tejo has a secret crush on him also because Fateh is seeing her sister, but she never tells him. 

On the day of the wedding, Jasmine packed up everything they owned and ran away after hearing about an opportunity to visit Canada. Her father urges Tejo, her other daughter, to marry Fateh in order to uphold the honour of both families when she receives an embrace from them. After that, they got married, which is when they fell in love. Everything proceeded as planned for the next few months, until Jasmine reappeared in that family. fell pregnant after two years of marriage to Kartik, Father’s younger brother. Nevertheless, Kartik died in a car crash, so she abandoned the infant in the hospital and relocated to Canada in order to start again.

Following their discovery of the predicament, Fateh and Tejo brought the baby home, named her Nehmat, and proceeded to raise her like a daughter. Jasmine returned a few years later with her daughter Naaz. They later found out about her daughter. After Tejo passed away too soon, Fateh left the country and went to London. There, he met a woman who looked a lot like Tejo, and they eventually got married.

Regarding how, fifteen years later, every member of that family grew close to one another until they were all killed in a bombing, the plot of the future novel will take an unexpected turn. Naaz started living by himself after getting out of this situation. 

In the present case, Deepak gets the blood donation from Armaan. Close to Alia, Aasma loses the bracelet. Alia begins to worry. I’ll take off her mask; she believes she is deceiving everyone. “What happened?” Aasma asks, stopping Alia, “Come with me, watch till the end, I have to make an announcement too.” You were dancing on the stage, Alia claims, so don’t lie. Aasma disputes it. How is Deepak doing? Armaan asks the doctor. He’s well, the doctor adds; the surgery went well. It’s time to make things right, Armaan declares, and I’ll be honest with everyone.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story Twist:

To keep current and enjoy viewing every episode, visit our website justdrama. Will you be sharing the news of your pregnancy with Alia, or are you attempting to reveal your husband’s reality? I think you’re overreacting, Aasma. Alia responds, ‘You’re doing this to force me to face reality.