Jhanak Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

 Jhanak Realsed Date:

In November 2023, the well-liked Indian romantic television series Jhanak had its Star Plus debut. The ensemble had excellent performances, and the unique narrative of the serial drama attracted a lot of attention. This serial is also available on the over-the-top platform Disney+ Hotstar. This serial was written and directed by Leena Gangopadyay.

Jhanak Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses): 

The actors in this show gained a lot of fame for their roles in this serial. Numerous well-known Indian performers and actresses from the Indian theatre scene are included in this play, including Hina Nawab, who has performed in a number of shows, including Qabol Hai. Krushal Ahuja co-stars alongside her. He was a well-known and in-demand Indian actor due to his performances in serials. 

Jhanak Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story opens with a little girl named Jhanak living in a village with her sick mother after being abandoned by her father owing to financial troubles. She paid for the whole upkeep of the house with the money she earned from selling flowers on boats. Even when she wanted to study, she could never find enough time or food. After her mother passed away, she left that village and came to Mumbai with her aunt. It was there that she started her education and nurtured her desire to work as a journalist. 

Because they had none, her aunt treated her as her own kid and she put a lot of effort into her work. She was hired by a media company after growing up. Upon her 21st birthday, her family wanted to celebrate, but instead she broke down in tears, missing her mother. Then, she was escorted to their buddy Arshi’s party by her friend Ishika. When she met up with her college friend here, she forgot about her mother.

Anirudh, her college friend, had never told her that he had been secretly in love with her since their first date. Jhanak was a simple girl and that was why Grandmother Anirudh liked her. Jhanak wanted to leave the party as she started to miss her mother again after getting to know her and enquiring about her past. But when Arshi sliced the cake, he paid her no attention.

When she came back and found she had none, Anirudh handed her a slice of his cake. She is jealous of Arshi since she is in love with Anirudh. Jhanak wanted to leave that celebration because she wasn’t feeling well. After her departure from the festivities, Arshi perceived her sudden exit from the assembly as an offence.The following chapters will show you how Jhanak discovered her father was in the same city, followed him, and ultimately arrived to Arshi’s house. 

In the present story, Anirudh takes off quickly. Tejas invites Jhanak to attend. Chotan considers stopping them. When the cops arrive, Tejas is stopped. Are you Tejas, the inspector asks. When Anirudh arrives, Tejas is there. Tejas replies, “You have to pay a big price for this because you made a big mistake.” I’m not afraid of your threats, Anirudh says.

He asks Jhanak to come home. Tejas claims that she is accompanying me on this trip at her request and that you should ask her. Inspector, Is this true, Jhanak? Yes, she responds. Tejas grinned.

Jhanak future story:

Gets Jhanak home by Anirudh. Shrishti requests Jhanak her husband’s number. Says Anirudh, “I have the number.” Arshi argues. She says, let’s give him a call now. Jhanak is concerned. What happens next? Visit our website justdrama frequently to watch every episode without cost.