Dhruv Tara

The recently released Indian TV series Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare made its Sony SAB debut on February 27, 2023, with a unique plot. This serial is available to watch later on JioCinema. This serial delves into timeless themes from the King’s day, featuring a plot that is full of suspense, romance, tension, and inventiveness. This serial was directed by Pushkar Pandit and Vaibhav Singh under the banner of Shashi Sumeet Production. Sumeet and Shahi Mittal produced it as well.  


The story of the Dhruv Tara serial starts in the 17th century, when Commander Samrat Singh aspired to be king. In order to accomplish this, he committed several crimes, assembled adversaries to carry out his murder, and tainted his meals in an effort to gain the upper hand. After eating that lunch, King became unconscious. Her daughter Tara looked after him as she worked to discover a treatment. Every doctor that had come to see the king was put to death by the commander.


Samrat’s scheme to marry Tara and make her queen is never accepted by Tara. After that, what happens? To watch all the upcoming episodes and surprises, be sure to visit our website justdrama frequently.