Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Chookar Mere Mann Ko, a popular Indian TV show, had its premiere on the DD Indian National channel. The general public’s dissemination of social messages is the main objective of this serial. Rahul Butt is the creator of this series. The cast of this serial captured the hearts of the audience with their performance. 


 Chookar Mere Mann Ko series tells the stories of three farm girls: Tiya, Alvira, and Pari. These girls wanted to go to Mumbai in order to work and improve their lives. They flew there and lived with an elderly couple who had lost their son in a car crash because of this. Where the couple’s house stood was to be purchased by a businessman who planned to erect a mail building.


As a result, he forced them to sell the house, but they had fond memories of their son living there and had no desire to sell. Pari then took the case to court, where she was successful. And then what? Visit our website justdrama often to watch every episode and have fun.