Pandya Store

On January 25, 2021, Star Plus premiered Pandya Store, one of the best Indian TV series ever. This serial’s popularity stems from its plot, which follows the lives of middle-class family members. The cast of this serial captured the hearts of the audience with their performance. This serial was directed by Pradeep Yadav under Sphere Origins. 


The family’s income comes from the Pandya store, where they shop for groceries. The storyline of this serial begins in a middle-class home. The eldest son of the family, Gautam, took charge of the whole household after his father passed away. For this reason, he abandoned his studies, and he wed Dhara a few years later. Dhara was his father’s friend’s daughter, and the two had been infatuated since childhood.


Dhara took care of his three littermates and helped him out with everything after they were married. Since Gautam’s father never paid back the loan that was obtained for it, the bank authorities in that case closed down his store. Enjoy yourself, and check our website justdrama for updates on the story’s upcoming turns and episodes.