Katha Ankahee (Sony TV) Serial Cast, Release Date & Story

          Katha Ankahee (Sony TV) Serial, Cast

Katha Ankahee plot story: Knowing that Katha might never love him, he claims he does not want to marry her. In response, Katha says she never imagined falling in love again after Adi, but fate always has other ideas. Eventually, Vanya and Ehsan decide to give Katha a call and inform her that Viaan will be departing for Paris the following day.

Katha Ankahee Storyline:

Story is that When Katha hears the news, she is devastated and immediately wants to stop him by coming back to him.In (Katha Ankahee)next chapter, Aarav will express regret to Viaan. After seeing ViaanMr. Garewal is heading to the hospital. After noticing Viaan, Kavita encourages him to disregard Teeji’s advice and come back. In the meantime, Kavita will speak with Yuvraj to try to ascertain what motivated him to take this significant action. In order to speak with the attorneys, Reet begs “Mr. Garewal” to wait. A warrant for Yuvraj’s arrest is presented to the police as they enter the Garewal residence. Aarav panicked as Yuvraj emerged on his own. After Yuvraj asked the cops to place him under arrest outside, they left the residence. Help, please call the lawyer, Reet begs.

When Aarav returns to his room in tears to see his mother, Kavita arrives to comfort him. Though Aarav was thrilled to have Viaan share a room and wear the same outfits, he wonders why Yuvraj assaulted his father. Now, nothing will be the same. Kavita promises to make everything right. Aarav asks to meet Mr. Garewal because he wants to see his father. When Katha calls, Aarav answers and inquires about Viaan. Viaan is well, Katha assures. When Mr. Garewal inquires about Viaan, Katha replies that he is safe. Kavita says she’s sorry about everything to Katha.

Katha is curious as to why Yuvraj made this move. Mr. Garewal reports that Yuvraj was detained by the police when he refused to speak.When Mr. Garewal wants to go to Viaan, Katha says no. Removing her jewels, Katha asks Vanya and Ehsan to watch Viaan while she conducts errands. Katha walks away.Teeji and Maya are seated next to Viaan. Teeji won’t listen to Maya when she tries to talk. Teeji wants to spend time with her kid even though she is aware that Maya sacrificed everything for her, but not at this expense. Teeji has already lost her spouse. Maya walks away.


In the current episode of Katha Ankahee, Viaan makes the decision to travel to Paris with Tejji in order to start over and get away from Katha. Aarav will come to his senses and realise that Viaan is not a horrible guy, according to the most recent spoilers for Katha Ankahee.

He’ll choose to give him a call and request his pardon.Raghav will understand that Katha is in love with Viaan alone in the meantime. Will anything stop Viaan before he heads off to college?

If “Katha Ankahee” is a true Sony TV serial that was released after my previous update, I recommend checking official sources or websites “Justdrama for the most up-to-date and correct cast and wiki information. Watch Katha Ankahee in the future to find out if Aarav can get to Viaan before he departs for Paris. This story will be continue.