Imlie (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Crew, Actor, Actress Name And Story

Imli Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses)And Release Date:

 (Imli) is a Hindi television series that premiered on Star Plus on November 16, 2020. It is also available on the Disney+ Hotstar. Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, Mayuri Deshmukh, and Fahmaan Khan star in this show. Ved RajVera Raina, and Aakriti Atreja wrote the story for Serial Imli, which was directed by Atif Khan.

Imli plot story:

In the latest episode updates Imlie asks Billo to come to the party but she refuses she asks her to come to this party and they will chill at the party. Imlie asks Billo about love but she tells her she doesn’t know about this much. According to Amma ji, Navya is a sharp woman and Amma ji is also worried about Imlie. She is not feeling well because Biswa and Navya have told them and Amma ji is worried about what both have told them.

Imlie is a Star Plus Hindi Tv Serial. 

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The tale was spread by a brilliant rural girl named Imlie and a reporter named Aditya. Due to heavy rains, they both sought refuge in a hut one day. Due to the circumstances, they are both compelled to marry, despite their wishes. Aditya leads her to her house but presents Imlie as her cook. Imlie She also tells Govind that she is not kidding. She is ready to tell the truth of Imlie to Navya. Rajni stops her but she does not stop and is ready to ask Navya that Imlie is a Bar dancer. Rajni respects her decision but she asks her to think about Shivani.

Navya was also shocked to see Biswa and Agastya sitting outside the window of Imlie’s room. Dolly tells Jungu to take a rest. Dolly also assured that Chandu would be fine by tomorrow morning. When a mysterious man enters the Chandu room Imlie sees the shadow of a stranger and also starts shouting. She also catches the stranger behind the shadow, the room is completely dark. The lights get on and she is shocked to see Agastya with her and asks him what he was doing. He tells her that he protects her from outside the room. She asks him to stop caring for her and when she works in a bar then she also comes late at night and she also protects herself. He replied that he knew that she is very brave but some people were more dangerous than wanted murderers.

She tells him that the murderer was still in Purwaiya when he threw her out of the house but she is a common person for everyone. She tells him that the police are here to protect the common people but she doesn’t require any help from him. But she tells him she is with him till Shivani’s marriage. After that contractual marriage will be over.  She tells him that he is not her real husband so he is not worried about her and she is not his real wife which he provides protection. But he tells her that Imlie has made many sacrifices for him and he also sees two types of Imlie one who needs money and a second who needs care for everyone. He asks Imlie to whom Agastya can talks to. He learned from her how to take responsibility.

The mysterious man tries to kill Chandu and cuts the oxygen pipe. Both hear the voice from Chandu’s room and see that the oxygen pipe was cut to stop the oxygen supply, she asks him to give her some tapes to fix the pipe. Imlie saved Chandu by fixing the oxygen pipe and Jugnu came running to see him. Agastya decides to find out the person who tried to kill Chandu. She comes to  Verandah and Imlie sees the mysterious man’s shadow coming from Agastya.

Imli spoilers:

This is available on Star Plus as well as on our website justdrama, where you may view all episodes on your mobile device. Chandu knows the killer and all attacks also on Imlie and Agastya protects her after solving that problem but they warn him if he touches her then they will kill Imlie and Biswa provides security to them.

This serial still continued with many ups and downs in their lives.